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Leave here every sort of confessions about Hey!Say!JUMP members!

Hey guys, we’ve been silent for a lot of time,now is time to rise again!! The blog changed place, theme and added activities:

Hey!Say!Confessions&Stuffs is born today!!

The stuff of this blog is moving there so we would apreciate if you would follow this blog :D It will be about confessions (all sort of confessions ;D) and news about JUMP in general.

We’re waiting for you !!

Initally I thought Yamachii’s hard-shippers were a bit crazy but now that I’ve seen also Yamajima’s ones I’m not sure anymore about who’s crazier. Guys,stop fighting about these ships. They three are all cute together.

When Magic Power came out, not a lot of people liked it because it “didn’t fit with Hey! Say! JUMP’s image”. Personally, I though the song was cute and the PV was adorkable. I like Johnny’s groups because of their sparkly cracktastic PVs. I don’t see why JUMP can’t make that kind of PV too.

I really think the dance step of the chorus in Super Delicate looks hot on the boys, especially Chii!  I wish I could see Ryutaro dance the same step :(

Yuto with short hair is the best! But his long hair is still awesome.

I hate seeing hate in the fandom - towards members or fans. Let’s just enjoy and support the boys.

I’m a freaken huge YamaJima fan but it started to annoy me when I see Yuto obsessing over Yamada since Risou no Musuko. Yamada doesn’t even pay attention to him like he did before

I miss Ryutaro. A LOT. I watch old videos of him and can’t help but feel sad. And I find that really weird because I became a fan of JUMP after he was suspended.

Yuma should really be JUMP’s 11th member. It wouldn’t be replacing Ryutaro - I just think that Yuma is pretty much a part of JUMP anyway, why not make it official?
I know I must be impartial but..

don’t be angry on me for the confession about Ryutaro.

I’m a fan and I think that he was a big and important piece of a wonderful puzzle,even if he was a bit more silent or less on the spotlight it doesn’t mean he wasn’t important.

But also try to understand me, I have to publish every single confession.

Even if I don’t agree.

Hope you will continue enjoying  my posts and enjoy my blog.

and keep on sending your confessions ;D

Bye! :)

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